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Anonymous said: What's your ideal girl?

A gypsy soul with long, dark hair and eyeliner like warpaint. Strength of character, rings and dangly things. Someone who’s fought their battles and won. Cleverness and wit are seriously attractive. Someone who can tell a story. Someone who thinks of a relationship as a team. Someone who has had to rely on themselves. I harbour a personal weakness for boots and as always, the eyes have it.

Anonymous said: You have snapchat?

Sure do

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So I combined a list of kickass women of piracy. It’s quite a limited list, as there ain’t much of female pirates, but enjoy.
Female Pirates of Fiction
Female Pirates in History
Ching Shih
Jeanne de Belleville, Pirate or Politician?
The History and Legends of Anne Bonney and Mary Read
Grace O’Malley
Charlotte de Berry
Rachel Wall
Sayyida al Hurra, Islamic Pirate Queen
Teuta of Illyria
Lady Elizabeth Killigrew
Lady Mary Killigrew
Christina Anna Skytte - The Swedish Baroness
Jacquotte Delahaye
Anne Dieu-le-Veut
Elise Eskillsdotter
Alfhild of the Valkyrie
Ingela Gathenhielm
Flora Burn
Charlotte Badger - Felon, Pirate, and Pioneer
Lai Choi San
The Red Lady Veronica
Johanna Hård



William Morris, artwork for The Story of the Dwellers at Eyr’, 1871. Via Birmingham Museums.

Morris had been fascinated by medieval illuminated manuscripts since childhood. This is his translation of the Eyrbtggja Saga, the first of the Norse sagas he had read with the Icelandic scholar Eirikr Magnusson. 

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III of Swords
Who’s this handsome devil?

Stern gallery of 17th century warship Le Soleil Royal


Stern gallery of 17th century warship Le Soleil Royal

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“You can stand up right where you are, learn from what happened and move on. And you can make new promises. And you don’t have to feel like trash because you broke your promise to God or to yourelf or to your family or whatever. You can keep on going, you can make a new promise tonight and you can start over.”

—   Lacey Sturm (via laceysturmquotes)
There’s a note in the pages of a book.

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“You are not the heaviness
sitting inside of you.
You are not the battlefield
where the bodies fall,
and you are not the sound of cannons
breaking the sky open.
You are what happens after the war.

The surviving. The healing. The rebuilding.”

—   Y.Z, for the bad nights (via zsrmx)

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“[Klaus] Stortebeker and seventy-one of his men were captured and taken to Hamberg to face trial … As he stood beside the executioner’s block he reputedly struck a deal - pardons would be granted to all of the crewmen he could walk past after his head was cut off. As legends goes, he managed to stagger past eleven of his shipmates before he fell - tripped up by the executioner.”


- Angus Konstam, Pirates: The Complete History From 1300 BC To The Present Day

One of my favorite things about reading about pirates is that the movies can never match how hardcore the real deal is.

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